What The Night Brings Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle Editions

  What The Night Brings is now available in Hardcover , Paperback , and Kindle editions. From the jacket: In this dark, paranormal fantasy, Trevor Schmidt tells a tale of loss, addiction, and the lengths one would go to help friend or family. Riddled with elements of suspense and horror, readers are in for a thrill. After suffering a devastating loss, Allan Blackwood and his best friend Edgar need a fresh start. Together, they rent an aging Victorian home in a small town near Boston, eager to start their careers and to put the past behind them. But the house has had its share of new tenants in the past, and strange occurrences have the residents of the town talking. As the two of them settle into their new home, it becomes clear why they received such a good deal on the rent. Haunted by memories he can’t suppress, Allan treads a dark and dangerous path; a path which leads him to reexamine his own life and to take risks he’d never have fathomed. When Allan starts to experience intense

What The Night Brings Available for Pre-Order

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